Two-Person Book Club

2PBC is something I started with one of my closest friends, Beau, about three years ago as a way to keep in touch while we moved around the world. Beau is a dashing six-foot-two redhead who is such a Latino in his heart that sometimes I forget he’s not a fiery Mexican woman. His unmatched wit and sense of humor are what attracted me to him, but the fact that he’s one of the few people I can trust to always tell me the truth, even when it hurts, is the reason I stay. I met Beau through our university’s French conversation club about 7 years ago and as soon as we met, I knew we could make fun of other people together forever. When we discuss a book, Beau usually starts by saying, “So, tell me how you hated it,” because he knows that I am such a curmudgeon that it’s rare for me to really be blown away by something. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve even earned the nickname “2 out of 10” by another friend after sharing my (unasked for) review of a local play. All jokes aside, I do love reading and I’m so glad to have a book club pal in Beau.

Why two people?

Because no one else lives up to our standards. No, honestly, it’s because I got tired of trying to find the right book club. It would either devolve into a w(h)ine club or the kind where you only read one painstaking chapter at a time or it could become one of those weird book clubs were you just meet up to discuss books you’re all reading separately.

How often do you meet?

Well… since I currently live in Toulouse and Beau lives in Kansas City, we video chat rather than have IRL meetings. The frequency with which we read books depends on how much we’ve got going on in our lives at a time. Sometimes we can zip through two books a week, sometimes it takes us over a month to get through one.

What kinds of books do you read?

I think we both prefer to read female authors (especially female authors of color) whenever possible, but we mix it up. I think I have a preference for non-fiction but also really enjoy works of fiction with bits of magical realism.

What have you read so far?

Let’s see, I think we’ve had this book club going for about three years now so there’s a list floating around somewhere. As soon as I find it, I’ll link to it. But basically we read anything from non-fiction to poetry to mythology.

Why write on the internet about it?

Good question, self. I think I just have a bad habit of living in the mental world and not enough in the physical one so I figured it’d be good to write it down. I have no real compelling reason to other than the fact that I think I’d be sad later on if all of our talks and ideas just vanished into thin air. I also have a very bad habit of reading reviews before even considering reading a book and I’m always disappointed when there’s few or only poorly written reviews for a book.

Can I submit a request for you to read?

Si, mi reina. Type it in below.

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