Hiking in Koh Phi Phi


  • Est. Distance to the top: 2m/3km
  • Est. Duration to the top: 1h
  • Est. Elevation: 120m

On March 2017, we stayed for a day on the Ko Phi Phi island, off the coast of Krabi in Thailand. Despite its party atmosphere, the island has much to offer: countless small isles and snorkeling playgrounds around it, wonderful beaches on both east and west sides of it, and a few hikes to some of the most jaw-dropping viewpoints in Thailand. This post describes the “VIEWPOINT 3” hike, starting from the north of the Sa Nam Ban area (the “town” of Ko Phi Phi) and passing by the “VIEWPOINT 2”.

There are 3 main viewpoints on the island.

– The viewpoint 1 is, as far as I understood, on the west part of the island.

– The viewpoints 2 and 3 are fairly close to each other, and located on the eastern side of Ko Phi Phi.

The most important thing to know about viewpoints 2 & 3 is that they are on private land. That means that you may have to pay a fee to access the viewpoint itself, or be expected to buy some sort of drink or souvenir from a shop located near it.

When planning to hike to the second viewpoint, we wanted to leave very early in the morning, hoping to catch the sunrise and avoid the fees. We were staying at Kitty Guesthouse, and starred it on our Google Maps along with the viewpoint itself.

The following images will show our approximate location and orientation on the map next to photos of what the hike looked like as we went through it.

At the north-most point of the Sa Nam Ban area, walking north from the guesthouse, is a steep path upward. We couldn’t find any VIEWPOINT sign yet, but do not fret – you’re on the right path.

At the top of that steep uphill is the first of these VIEWPOINT signs. Follow its arrow towards the east.

Keep walking up eastward, passing the handmade sign that specifies that the viewpoint 2 area is on private land and that the owner currently charges 30 baht per visitor. You will soon leave the populated area of Ko Phi Phi and enter its jungle 🙂

Some of these handmade/wooden or plastic signs will direct you through the right path up the mountain.

Follow the one and only path up in the forest – it is steep and actually the steepest/hardest part of the hike.

If there’s enough light, turn around as you reach this somewhat straight uphill: the view of the bay is already stunning, and you’ll soon be done with the harsh uphill!

At the top of the hill is a fork that will take you to the viewpoint 2 of you turn right, and to the viewpoint 3 if you keep left. A sign will inform you once again that the viewpoint 2 is located on private land.

If you’re interested in the viewpoint 2, turn right and enter the property through the blue gate. Here are a few photos to show you what to expect:


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If you’re ready to ascend to viewpoint 3, keep left at the fork and follow the dirt road up. It will smoothly curve towards the east.

You should now see an upcoming left turn of the dirt road, with electrical poles along it. Follow the road down this upcoming turn, where this sign should appear on your left:  

Do follow the viewpoint directions, going up towards the north now. You should soon pass some ongoing construction on your left, then a house on your right, that may or may not be an entrance checkpoint for tourists to pay the viewpoint 3 fee:

When we passed by it, there was a nice handmade map on one of the front walls of that house, that I believe to be a fairly accurate drawing of the hiking trails to viewpoints 2 & 3:

Alright guys, last uphill and you’re there. This last fork was a bit confusing, so we went and checked out both trails coming out of it: the right trail to the viewpoint 3 is on the right. On the left is a smaller trail that I believe may go all the way down to Tohmo Beach or Phak Nam Bay, or maybe even the bigger Loh Ba Kao Bay. We didn’t walk it for too long (it was quickly going down and we weren’t done going up), but we did get to catch the glimpse of a late sunrise over the small isles of Ko Phi Phi’s eastern shore.

Here you are: the viewpoint 3 is at the end of the leftmost aforementioned trail. At the top of that hill, you will pass what I believe to be a restaurant on your left and a nice hand-painted sign on your right. This sign calls the viewpoint 3 the “top view garden”. It also points to a smaller trail heading down towards the north, which opens to a nice view of the northern islets of Ko Phi Phi – worth a quick look.

Below are a few photos of the viewpoint itself, which shows the whole east of the island, looking out to the bay from a nice wooden platform. You will find a little bar on the right of it that offers drinks and snacks when open. It looks like a toilet is also available, and another smaller handmade map on wood will help you retrace your whole ascension. Take in the view. Enjoy.


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Good job, you did it!!

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