Why My Posts Are So F**king Long

When I started my blog two years ago, Robin asked me who my audience was, and why I wanted to write. At first, I said it was for myself; a sort of online journal where I could keep track of my thoughts. I knew that my readership, on a good day, would consist of my parents and maybe one bored friend. In a sense, it made being risky and honest with my writing easier because I was just sending my thoughts out into The Void. In the last few weeks, however, I find that my answer has changed — even if my readership probably remains the same.

In the last few weeks, in light of our current administration and the recent flurry of terror attacks, I’ve heard a surprising amount of people mention that they don’t want to travel “in the world we live in today”; a statement I find equal parts lamentable and misguided. In my future posts, I hope to hold up and examine the cultural artifacts that we often dismiss as “weird” and try to see if we can’t find the common threads. In our reductive society that keeps trying to force the spectrum of humanity to fit within Manichean or dualist confines, I want to encourage us all to dig a little deeper and ask more questions. On a more selfish note, I will also be doing this to sate my inexhaustible curiosity about economics, history, and of course, food.

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